SAP Lumira, Edge edition

Agile Visualization for Teams and Departments

SAP Lumira, Edge edition helps your team or department visualize and better understand their data all on a lightweight in-memory server. With SAP Lumira, Edge edition your team can quickly analyze large volumes of data and create data stories that captivate audiences and speed up time to insight.

Make Sense of Your Data

Make Sense of Your Data

Collaborate on data and visualizations by accessing and editing existing content created with SAP Lumira, desktop like data mashups visualizations, boards and infographics. Discover hidden patterns and outliers using beautiful, interactive visualizations and charts. Speed up time to analysis using a fast in-memory engine running on standard hardware and a breadth of visualizations – no script or coding required.

Bring Your Data to Life

Bring Your Data to Life

Take your data stories to the next level by creating and sharing visualizations, stunning infographics or custom visual extensions.

Extend the Power of Data

Fast & Secure

With SAP Lumira, Edge edition – you can deliver a complete data visualization solution for the entire department without the need for IT to create any query, report or dashboard, manage access and viewing rights to make sure the right people have the access to the right data.

Trusted Data Discovery

Need enterprise grade agile visualization?

Learn more about SAP Lumira Server for enterprise grade Trusted Data Discovery

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