Develop custom visualizations and connectors to tell unique data stories.

Download SAP Lumira and get started with our built-in SDK.


Lumira – Open Architecture

SAP Lumira has been designed with the developer in mind: we know that there’s always that edge case, which makes a visualization great for just your story. We know that data sits in a wealth of different sources – and that you might have a very special one to report on.

In both cases, we have you covered with the SAP Lumira SDK, which lets you build your custom charts and connectors.

Road to Success

To build your custom extension, you can start from scratch, adopt D3 charts you find on the web, or use any of the open source visualizations and data access extensions.

Custom Visualizations for SAP Lumira

Want to get fancy or work in an industry with special requirements? Do you have those internal customers that can never get enough? Rise by building and sharing your custom visualization. Our visualization engine is built on D3 – and that opens up a world of stunning examples.

Connect to Your Source with a Custom Data Connector

Got data sitting in the cloud? Is social media your main source of information? Does your number 1 database speak in REST? SAP is known for working with industry standards on enterprise scale: you can connect SAP Lumira to almost any data source with easy-to-build custom extensions.

Get started in minutes!

Download SAP Lumira Desktop and start developing new extensions (Hello World Tutorial), adapt an existing D3 chart (watch the video or read the blog on the SAP Community Network), or download and modify one of the open source SAP Lumira extensions, published by community members.

Watch a webinar recording or read the tips & tricks for how to develop custom data connectors.

Develop extensions, share your innovations

You can let your co-workers re-use your visualizations – locally or through SAP Lumira Server. Share with the SAP Community Network (create a blog on SCN and share source code on GitHub), or become a partner and monetize your innovations by joining the SAP PartnerEdge Program.

Hello World!

Now that you have an overview, lets get started! With some basic development skills, you can compose amazing visualization masterpieces. Check out these great starting points and get going in no time.

The Basics

For developing custom visualizations, know about:

For custom data connectors, you simply work with your data source's technology.

A Wealth of Information

You’ve got what it takes, but maybe don’t know where to start. No need to worry – there are plenty of resources:

Roadside Assistance

Ready to read and watch more? We’ve got you covered on the SAP Community Network:

Featured Extensions on SAP Community Network (SCN) & GitHub

Visualize it: Hello. World.

Visualize it:
Hello. World.

A beginners guide to building custom visualizations

by Matt Lloyd

Visualize it: Add D3 extension to SAP Lumira

Visualize it:
Add D3 Extension to SAP Lumira

Learn how to adapt a visualization from the D3 gallery

by Matt Lloyd

Visualize it: Google Maps Extension

Visualize it:
Google Maps Extension

See just how late are Chicago’s buses

by Julien Delvat

Get Connected: The SDK in action

Get Connected:
The SDK in Action

Developer Tips – HTTP Requests & JSON Response

by Vamsi Alluri

Get Connected: Acquire Twitter Data

Get Connected:
Acquire Twitter Data

Cloud goes Lumira with Twitter Viz’s!

by Alper Derici

Questions? Problems? Just stuck?

We’ve always got your back. Here at SAP, we love the creativity and intelligence that developers represent, and we’re here to help every step of the way!