Be a part of Lumira’s future in the Business Intelligence Design Council

We aspire to share features, capture feedback, and co-innovate during the development process via selfservice BI, from concept to go-live


What Happens in BIDC and Why Should I Join?

Understanding a user’s needs is crucial for delivering successful and relevant SAP products. Customer feedback is key and most valuable when development can still be influenced. One way to engage with customers and gain this feedback is via Business Intelligence Design Councils (BIDC).

All parties benefit from being involved: The customer experts get an exclusive insight into upcoming products and features while being an active part of the development process. SAP learns about the needs and requirements of their customers and receives feedback on products before they are broadly launched.

What Happens in BIDC

Member Perks

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An assigned Customer Experience Group (CEG) coach to help with implementation every step of the way

Icon: Relationships

Close relationship to BI Development Team

Icon: Roadmap

Opportunity to influence SAP BI Roadmap

Icon: Strategy

Opportunity to align, early on, with SAPs intended strategy

Icon: Network

Opportunity to meet and learn from other participants

Icon: Calendar

Potential participation in subsequent programs for ongoing activities (events)

Who Are We Looking For?

SAP’s BIDC requests that customer representatives are those with relevant experiences and expertises in these particular fields.


Customer has documented their top self-service business use cases.

9-12 months commitment from concept to customer go-live.

Dashboard Creators

Dashboard Creators

Someone who creates ad hoc dashboards in a line of business

Dashboard Users

Dashboard Users

Someone who consumes data from and interacts with dashboards for analysis and decision making

Upcoming BIDC Workshops


North America

Palo Alto, California

March 31–April 1, 2015


Walldorf, Germany

May 21–22, 2015


Location: To be determined

Q2 2015

For more details please contact your CEG coach.

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