Welcome to the new world of data visualization

SAP Lumira is a software solution that helps businesses visualize and make sense of their data.

For Individuals


Start visualizing data right away.

Connect to databases. Visualize quickly. Share with others.

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For Teams


Data visualization for teams.

Self-service data visualization. Collaboration on shared data. Secure access and sharing.

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For Enterprise/IT


Enterprise grade data visualization.

Trusted Data Discovery. User & access management. Big Data visualization.

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Daimler Trucks uses SAP Lumira

Being in IT for many years, I’ve seen Lumira as a benefit for IT professionals as well for the business. It is a phenomenal tool. It crunches large volumes of data, I have not seen anything like it.

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SAP Lumira is wherever you need it

SAP Lumira Desktop icon

SAP Lumira Standard

Powerful Agile Visualization for the Desktop.

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SAP Lumira Edge

Agile Visualization for teams and departments.

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SAP Lumira Server

The Power of Collective Insight with Trusted Data Discovery.

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SAP Lumira Cloud

Agile Visualization in the Cloud.